Friday, February 20, 2015

Genius Hour Update

1. Mary: I'm working on my Genius Hour project with my friend Morgan. For my project, I'm making a website about protections denied to same-sex marriage and their kids. My question is: How can I help change people's perspective on how they think about gays? Right now we are working on making questions on an interview for a good friend of my moms who is gay.

2. Isabella: For my Genius Hour project I am making a lighting system that you can clip on the outer rim of your bed. My question is: How can I make a lighting system that will help kids not be afraid of what is under their beds?

3. Grace: I am creating a YouTube channel on different DIY tutorials for my Genius Hour project. My question is: How can I make DIY tutorials and make them interesting? Right now I am doing research on DIYs.

4. Ava: I am trying to find  a way to get people to stop smoking for my Genius Hour project. My question is: How can I help people stop smoking? I am currently trying to find information on the effects of smoking and how smoking effects other people.

5. Matthew: Darby and I are trying to make a website to help people learn, and start to play Minecraft. Our Genius Hour project question is: How can we make a blog with videos and tips on building to help people with Minecraft? I am currently working on improving our blog before we put a lot of episodes on it.

6. Noah and Miles: We're working on making a website to share the affects of gaming. Our question was how can we show the effects of gaming and how they can be good for you? We have found research stating that video games can help dyslexic kids read better.

7. Griffin: Hunter and I are making a website to share facts and videos about baseball bats. Our question is: Which baseball bat is best to use in a game? We are researching facts about baseball bats.

Happy Connecting,
Mrs. McDowell's students

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  1. Gaven: My research is finally done. My project is over the Samsung Smart TVs and how they are eavesdropping on their owners (customers). I created a Website to inform people about what Samsung has been doing.