Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Life is all about connecting with people. The most important job I have as a teacher is to connect with my students. Instagram has been a major asset as a middle school teacher. My students love to follow me, and I love following their feeds as well. Right now I am focusing on my students connecting with the world around them. I have introduced Genius Hour/Passion Project and we are getting ready to dive into different ideas they have, but I want them to connect with others. I am planning on having them share ideas and projects through this blog, my Twitter account, website through Weebly, and/or my teacher YouTube account. Does anyone have any tips or ideas? I want them to understand there is a whole world out there they connect with! Of course, we are talking about internet safety as we go along. I would love to hear some ideas on how teachers are connecting their students with others.

Happy Connecting,
Nancy McDowell

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