Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trying Something New

Last week I was fortunate to attend the FETC Conference in Orlando, Florida. I learned a lot and had a great time with the best colleagues around! I am excited to start this next semester with fresh ideas on integrating technology in the classroom. I would first like to thank Tim Wilhelmus and Jeff Tron for their excellent workshop on "10 Teacher Creativity Skills To Enhance Any Classroom." I am so excited to use Blabberize tomorrow to summarize a novel we have been reading in class. That was the great thing about Tim and Jeff's workshop; they gave me something I can use the very next day with my students! I may even have the students do reviews here on this blog. If anyone has any suggestions or tips on Blabberize or even having students blog, please let me know!

I am hoping this blog will be a place of reflection, collaboration, and growth. It won't be perfect, but I embrace the challenge of a professional blog nonetheless! 

Happy Connecting,
Nancy McDowell